Condition Surveys

Dilapidation surveys are carried out on properties and structures within a pre-determined zone around construction projects. The surveys are intended to be used to determine if change has occurred post-construction and if so, to what extent. Unlike conventional surveys Osterman Consult uses a world renowned Scandinavian survey method in which all spaces and their faults are graphically documented by the dilapidation inspector in the pre-construction condition survey and compared to the status quo in the post-construction condition survey.  The primary sketched property condition survey is complemented with photographs. The survey involves a room-by-room review of the internal as well as the external condition of the existing structures. 

The comprehensive survey includes:

    • Liaising with the landlords to arrange inspections
    • A pre-construction room-by-room condition survey, photographs and condition report
    • A post-construction room-by-room condition survey and condition report
  • Assistance with community liaison if required.